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creative arts
Worship Ministry
The goal of this ministry is to lead the congregation in praise and worship of God through biblically sound music. The songs we sing is more than a melody. It is an expression of heavenly sounds. We hope that through our selected music, individuals will be inspired to have spiritual encounters with God.

Do you have a musical talent? You can serve on our choir, band, or worship team.

Leader: Kelechi Eleanya
Contact information: worship@rccgnewhaven.org


Dance and Drama Ministry 
The purpose of this ministry is to bring the word of God to life and reach the world through dance and dramatic art.

Have you got dance moves? Do you love acting? Join us!

Leader: Olusoji Bakare
Contact informationcreativeart@rccgnewhaven.org

house fellowship
The RCCG New Haven House Fellowship centers are smaller units of the Church that are designed to create and promote a sense of belonging in a nuclear family-like setting, which enhances growth and foster relationships. Because of the smaller size of these units, immediate needs of members are easily met in a timely and respectable manner. House fellowship is also designed to promote Christ in our immediate communities.  House fellowship holds every last Wednesday of each month at various centers and at a time convenient for all members at the center.

Interested in leading a small group? Contact the Leader for more information.

Leader: Pastor Adebowale Adeniran
Contact Informationhousefellowship@rccgnewhaven.org

care and hospitality
This goal of this ministry is to show God’s love by providing care, comfort, support, and resources to not only our members but also to the people in our community. We also coordinate and oversee church social events and activities.

Leader: Wunmi Bakare
Contact Informationcareandhospitality@rccgnewhaven.org

We focus on how guests and members are being received into our church by creating a warm, welcoming and reverent environment that will allow people to experience a spirit-filled worship.

Leader: Henry Omene
Contact Informationushering@rccgnewhaven.org

property management
We are the custodian of the church building and property. We ensure that the internal and external premises of the church is safe and conducive. Our responsibilities also include beautification, opening and closing of the church
building, inventory and safekeeping of church properties and general maintenance.

Are you interested in joining our team? Please contact the leader.

Leader: Dr Yinka Babatunde
Contact Informationfacility@rccgnewhaven.org

We organize the transportation of guest and members to and from church services and events. Members of our team are also responsible for ensuring that the church vehicle is in a clean and safe working condition.

Leader: Laura Soto
Contact Informationtransportation@rccgnewhaven.org

security (holy police)
Our goal is to have people coming into our church feel safe and secured during our services and church events. We ensure the safety and security of all individuals and automobiles that are within our church premises. We keep watchful eyes for suspicious activities and report to any to local law enforcement agents.

Leader: Nasir Affo
Contact Informationsafety@rccgnewhaven.org

This team is responsible for properly accounting for financial income and expenses, and management of accounts. We maintain an accurate record of monetary gift, offering, and donations to allow for good stewardship.

Leader: Tonifie Omene
Contact Informationfinance@rccgnewhaven.org

media and communication
We manage and operate all audio and visual equipment during church services and events. We are responsible for employing effective means of broadcasting RCCG New Haven’s mission, messages and information using prints, internet, social media, video, and, podcast.

Leader: Akintunde Awe
Contact Informationmediaandcommunication@rccgnewhaven.org

sunday school ministry
Our goal is to teach, educate and develop all individuals to apply the Word of God to practical situations for a victorious Christian life. We organize and coordinate the school of disciples (SOD) training program, prepare church members for water baptism, and provide Sunday school training material to the church. Sunday school teachers are equipped with training and resources.

Leader: Pastor Adebowale Adeniran
Contact Informationsundayschool@rccgnewhaven.org

The evangelism and outreach team of RCCG New Haven include members of the church who have the responsibility of spreading the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to the local community and world at large. This responsibility extends far beyond our team and is shared with every member of the congregation, as it is the fulfillment of the Great Commission according to Mark 16: 15 “ Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”. Our goal is to share the gospel of the Lord, leading those who do not believe to repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Leader: Mojisola Talabi
Contact Information:  evangelism@rccgnewhaven.org